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Due to an overwhelming interest in our properties, we highly recommend that if you find a property of interest, please proceed to submit an application. Note, that some of our properties require an application fee. Once we receive your application, our team will diligently review all submissions. We understand that the importance of finding the perfect home, and we are committed to ensuring a fair and thorough review process. To enhance the chances of your application being successful, it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines and tips provided.

1) Ensure that you complete every section of the application form. Leaving blanks can lead to disqualification, as it might suggest a lack of seriousness necessary information about your ability to fulfill tenant responsibilities.
2) Income verification plays a pivotal role in the assessment of your application. The requirement is that your monthly income be at least 3 times the rent amount, this is a common standard in the industry.
3) Ensuring the availability date of the rental unit matches your desired move-in date, understanding the lease terms (typically 12 months), and adhering to the pet policies if you have pets. Remember that not all properties are pet friendly.
4) Every occupant must be accounted for in the application, with those over 18 years of age needing to complete their own application. Be prepared for background , credit, and criminal checks as part of the vetting process.

Communicate any interest in multiple properties to us, as this can be covered with a single application submission. Please be assured that we will reach out to you as soon as we have completed our review.

Coming soon

                                  Portland, Single Family Furnished Home
                                             Available September  2024
                                   Cape Elizabeth, Single Family Home
                                                         Coming Soon

Select Rented Properties

                                            Scarborough, Penthouse      
                                     Portland, Multi- Family Home      
                                                    Portland, Condo
                                                    Scarborough, Condo
                                      Scarborough, Single Family Home
                                                      Portland,  Condo
                                                   Portland, Townhouse     
                                                     Portland, Condo
                                               Biddeford , Multi- family
                                           South Portland, Single Family
                                           Scarborough, Single Family Home
                                           Portland, Multi-Family Home
                                                  Biddeford,  Duplex

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